2009 m. liepos 12 d., sekmadienis

Pomidorų varžybos

Dėmesio dėmesio, prasideda pomidorų nokimo varžybos! Dalyvauja:

Atention atention, the tomato ripening contest! Participating:

"Green zebra":

"Red cherry":

"Yellow pearshaped":
"Balconi red F1":

Žydinčius pomidorus laistau vaistinės taukės arbatėle. Nužydėjusią taukę reikia nuskinti, porą dienų palaikyti, tada susmulkinti, užpilti šaltu vandeniu, o po poros dienelių galima skiesti ir laistyti pomidorus. Sako, padeda.

I water blossoming tomatoes with a tea of Symphytum officinale (don't find the English name, sorry). You just need to cut it when the plant finishes blossoming, keep for a few days, then chop, pour with cold water, keep for few more days, then dilute and water the tomatoes. People say, it helps.

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  1. Now that is interesting! I searched for the official name in Wikipedia and found out that it is known as comfrey in english:

    Thank you for sharing this information!

  2. And the good thing is - this tea smells much better then one made of nettle ;) Now I am making some mixture of nettle and comfrey, hope my plants will love it.


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